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Dance, Sport and Art is a passion

BDK is a non-profit organisation which was set up to cater for and provide a centre for local, national and international dance, arts, activities, seminars and events. At the same time BDK contributes Bodrum by hosting international dance shows and competitions which support local tourism and the community.

BDK was formed in the corridors of the local municipality offices in the year 2000 and after 6 years of hard work, they finally realised their dream in 2006 to become an officially recognised and legal Dance Club & Association which was set up as a non-profit organisation.

In 2015, BDK moved to current studios and offices situated close by the entrance to Bodrum. With a combination of 122 volunteers and employees. BDK have had 8640 students since its formation. Website: www.bodrumdans.com


International Bodrum Dance Festivals

The “International Bodrum Dance Festival”, held on the last week of May, is one of the biggest dance festivals in Europe on the UNESCO cultural events list.

In 2017, 2740 dancers from 26 countries participated in the international Bodrum Dance Festival, which started as a local event in 2000, and with an ever increasing number of participants every year. 15 thousand people watched five day festival events.

The “International Bodrum Dance Festival”, organized by Bodrum Dance Club and being the biggest dance festival in Europe, has been taken on UNESCO’s list of cultural events by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of EU, the festival has become the only event in the history of the world with a multinational organization committee that reaches 122 volunteers from 26 different countries.

In 2018, our festival, which includes all dance types until 2017, has changed its concept and has been celebrated as four festivals internationally, including Folk Dance, Modern Dance, WDSF Bodrum Open and Latin Dances.


  • “International Bodrum Folk Dance Festival”: Between ……. May 2021
  • “International Bodrum Modern Dance Festival”: Between 5 – 9 May 2021,
  • “International Bodrum Dance Festival”: 8 May 2021
  • “International Bodrum Latin Dance Festival”: Will take place between ….. May 2021.


International Bodrum Modern Dance Festival

Modern (Contemporary) dance has become a hugely popular dance genre with the number of dancers increasing in many cities around the world.  One of the biggest challenges for trained dancers has been the lack of dance competitions and courses that cater for different age groups, especially the lack of organised events by dance federations.

For those dancers who have trained in Modern Dance and wanted to compete with other modern dancers there has been a lack of options and dancers have had to join free style competitions where all types of dancers were participating in different dance disciplines. Therefore the judges of these competitions were not specifically judging the modern dance techniques.

In our country there have not been enough facilities or activities to promote modern dance, workshops or competitions. The most important aim of the modern dance schools was to train students to gain qualifications and to enter competitions. Although the interest in this dance style has increased, there was a serious decline in enrolled dance students. Bringing experienced foreign dance teachers to keep the dance techniques, training and creative influences up to date as well as arranging workshops

To overcome the challenges mentioned Bodrum Dance Club – BDK decided to introduce modern dance to Bodrum every year with the launch of the International Bodrum Modern Dance Festival.

During the festival, the dance instructors who have travelled from overseas will be holding the workshop and competitions at the hotel. The first day will be the workshop and on the last 2 days the competitions will be held. During the evenings, the dance instructors and dance students will be able to watch the dance shows arranged at the hotel. All students that have attended the workshop will receive a workshop certificate. Students entering the competition will receive a competition participation certificate, a trophy, medal and a certificate of competence.

Our organisation has managed to secure specially discounted prices for accommodation at a 5 star All Inclusive hotel during the workshop and these prices can only be secured when booking with us. While the dance students are attending the workshop programme, the families can use the facilities of the hotel, including 3 meals per day from the open buffet with unlimited drinks outdoor and indoor swimming pool, and free use of the Turkish bath, sauna and steam room. Any family or friends not staying at the hotel can pay a specially arranged daily fee to use the facilities.

The first ever International Modern Dance Festival was held in Bodrum in 2017 and we are happy to announce the 2020 International Bodrum Contemporary Dance Festival which will appeal to all age groups from 5 years old and up.


Activities organised by BDK (Bodrum Dance Club) – Youth, Culture & Arts Centre

National and International Dance Contests

National and International Dance Contests

We have been organizing Turkish Salsa Championships and Sportive Latin Dance Championships in Bodrum for a decade with the Turkish Dance Sports Federation (TDSF). We also held the International Sportive...

Aegean Latin Dance Meetings

Aegean Latin Dance Meetings

Latin Dance is an event that brings Dance Schools and Club dance athletes from the Aegean regions of Bodrum, Marmaris and Kuşadası together each year on three different dates in...

International Bodrum Dance Festival

International Bodrum Dance Festival

The “International Bodrum Dance Festival”, which takes place during the last week of May is one of the biggest dance festivals in Europe and features in the UNESCO cultural events...


Addresses for the festival events

Bodrum Dance Club

Youth, Culture & Art Centre

  • Yokuşbaşı Mah. Kazıman Sok. No:1 48400 Bodrum / MUĞLA
  • 0 252 3130201
  • [email protected]
  • www.bodrumdans.com

Mavi Kumsal Hotel

Accommodation, Workshops, Shows and Competitions

  • Bardakçı Koyu, 48400 Bodrum / MUĞLA
  • 90 252 313 03 71 / +90 533 143 56 87
  • [email protected]
  • www.mavihotel.com

Horbour Square

Public Show at Horbour Square

  • Çarşı Mahallesi, İskele Meydanı 48480 Bodrum / MUĞLA

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