Workshops – Shows – Competitions – Parties


Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Flash Mob, xxxxxxxxx


The Modern Dance workshops are one of the most important reasons for carrying out the international Bodrum Modern Dance Festival.

The workshops given by coaches who perform highly successful projects in their own fields in our country and abroad will greatly contribute to the participants’ experiences in dance.

Modern dance workshops are an opportunity to learn new dance techniques.

You will not forget the training you will get at Modern dance workshops.


Even though Hip Hop is not fitting to our festival concept, in order to let our participants, learn another different style of dance, let them spend nice and enjoyable time, we organized amazing Hip Hop workshop for children and adolances in different hours in their program. You will never forget this stunning choreography!

Ömer Salgar, the winner of Turkish Hip Hop Competition, finalist of Turkey’s got Talent TV Show and founder of Secret Attack Extreme Dance Show Group will be with you and leading you in the workshops!


During the festival, flash mob training and video shootings will be held for the next year’s festival promotion film.

Flash mob workshops and video shoots will be fun, as will all participants.

The video will be broadcasted throughout Europe and throughout our country as a promotional film for the 2021 festival.


We often do not realize how our emotions affect our body, how we affect our movements, our posture. We discover how we feel, how we feel to recognize and express the language of emotions.

We realize the imagination and creativity of children, which are inherent in children, we take them on a concrete and fun journey by realizing the movement of emotions.


Show Time, Dance Performances of Coaches


The Show Time section is one of the most popular and highly watched events of the festival program by parents of participants.

Show time, takes place after dinner at 21.30, at the hotel where the accommodation takes place in the show area. Show Time which consists of the shows prepared by the groups participating in the festival, the choreography must be different than the one to be used in the competition.

The costumes are compulsory but it is not obligatory that the shows.

Show Time is open and free of charge to the participants who come for the festival.


As a festival guest artist, coaches from different countries will add color to the festival with workshops as well as dance shows.

You will not resist not to see what the instructors will present.


Jam, Dance Battle, Modern Dance Competition


During the festival, there will be many different competitions between the participants as well as the workshops.

Among these contests, Jam is one of the most popular parts of the competition.

You will not be able to notice how your time passes during Jam.

In this highly entertaining competition you will also win small gifts.


Another contest in the festival program, Dance Battle, is at least as fun and energetic as Jam.

During the Dance Battle shows,you will not be able to believe the talents of young dancers, you will be a part of amazing show during the battle.


The Modern Dance contests to be held on the last day of the festival are one of the most exciting parts of the festival program.

Competitions will be held in 3 different age groups including solo, duo, trio, mini group and big group categories, infants, kids and teens.

Medals, certificates and certificates will also be distributed to participants in the competition.

The festival program will end with the award ceremony of Modern Dance Competitions.


Welcome Party

The Parties will start shortly after 21:30 pm.

The hotel will also have small and fun competitions to be held at the pool or in the party area.

You will have a lot of fun at the parties, sometimes with local rights games, sometimes with DJ performance and popular music.