Vodzhyanskaya Ekaterina

The founder of the baza.art people

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher.

10 years of teaching experience in contemporary dance with 3 years old and older kids.

Education: Master in Modern Choreography, National Academy of Culture and Arts
Work experience:

– actress in Dance Company “Lelio”

– director and choreographer in dance group “Release”, dance school of Yelena Ilguzina, Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the State Forces of Ukraine, modern dance group “A6 Excellence”, and others

Ekaterina has participated in a number of shows and projects. For example, “I dance for you” (1+1 TV channel), “Everybody dance” (STB TV channel), Hip-hop Show (South Korea, Seoul).

Ekaterina is a winner and a finalist of the following international competitions for ballet actors: “IFMC” Belarus, «Umber Fawn» Poland, «Feel the beat», «Тhe challenge». “THOUGHT-FLOW” Ukraine, and others

Ekaterina is a participant of Kiev Modern Ballet performances, a founder and director of modern ballet performances “SECOND FLOOR”, “Us”, “Buzz”.

Ekaterina attended workshops and was a student of such teachers as Lidia Chernous (Ukraine), Liliya Klimchuk (Ukraine), Ruslan Baranov (Ukraine), Rady Poklitaru (Ukraine), Natalya Tkachenko (Ukraine), Francesco Scavetta (Italy), Tina Ollesk and Rene Nommik (Estonia), Florian Patshovski and Tim Beren (Germany).