Özgür Adam İnanç

Özgür Adam İnanç

Born in Ankara, graduated from Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Classical Ballet Department with BA. Hon. at 1998.

As a soloist dancer he worked with «Ankara State Opera and Ballet», “Contemporary Ballet Company- C.B.C., Istanbul”, “Modern Dance Turkey-M.D.T,Ankara”, “Birim Dance Theater-B.D.T.,Ankara”

In his career he worked with a lot of teachers, well known choreographer and directors such as “Yannick Baquin, Julian Moss, Tom Van Cauwenbergh, Christine Camillo, Ugur Seyrek, Mehmet Balkan, Beyhan Murphy, Korhan Basaran, Zeynep Tanbay, Yildiz Kenter, Robert North, Xin Peng Wang, Andre Prokovski, Valerie Panov, Marco Cantalupo, Johan Greben & Uri Ivgi, Sahar Azimi, Yaniv Abraham, Ido Tadmor, Eldad Ben Sasson, Mafalda Deville, Ziya Azazi, Julia Varley, Eugenio Barba”

He also worked with many different companies like “Odin Teatret,Denmark”, “Grenland Friteater, Norway”, “ Miasto City Festival,Poland”, “Kaffesieder Ball, Austria”, “Tanztangente, Germany”

He completed his postgraduation M.A. by writing his thesis “An Analysis of Enrico Cecchetti and Cecchetti Education System (Cecchetti Method)” in Istanbul University Social Sciences Institute Classical Ballet Department. Now he continues his PhD. Programme “Surveying Choreography as a Profession Program in Modern Dance Education” in Ankara University Educational Sciences Institute Fine Arts Branch.

Nowadays, he works with these institutions; Ankara State Ballet Modern Dance Company, Samsun State Ballet, Mersin State Ballet, Ankara University State Conservatory Stage Arts Department as an Lecturer, Ankara University Faculty of Languages, History and Geography Theater Department as an Instructor.

He established a student ensemble called ‘ADA’ and made nine small-scale dance festivals with this group. After fourth edition it became international and called ‘ADA International Dance Days’. From 2017 ‘ADA’s selected works and dancers gathered under the name of ‘ozguradam community’ for to be involved in professional area. He still works with the group as an academic advisor and general art director of the ensemble.

Some examples of his works:

Ballet & Contemporary Dance:

  • “Frida” (Ankara State Ballet Modern Dance Company.MDT, Mersin State Ballet),
  • “Arda Boyları” (Ankara State Ballet Modern Dance Company.MDT, Samsun State Ballet, Revised for Mersin State Ballet),
  • Tree Of Life” (Ankara State Ballet Modern Dance Company.MDT),
  • Miniatures – East to West Musical Roadshow” (Ankara State Ballet Modern Dance Company.MDT, Mersin State Ballet, İzmir State Ballet — Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, St.Petersburg)


  • “Heidi”,
  • “Three Prince” (Trabzon State Theater),
  • “Mem and Zin”,
  • “Magical Book”,
  • “The Misunderstanding” (Diyarbakır State Theater),
  • “My Boat is Tied to the Shore”,
  • “The Hypochondriac” (İzmir State Theater),
  • “Felatun Bey ile Rakım Efendi”,
  • “Le Lavoir”,
  • “Osmancık” (Ankara State Theater)

More than 40 small-scale dance creations for universities and private institutions.

Now his professional aim as a freelance choreographer is to make worldwide stage arts projects. And to maintain and improve his choreographic language, he puts a lot of effort in his individual works.